Exotic Cherry Blossom Glass Coasters (2pcs/set) RM 6.00


Exotic Cherry Blossom Glass Coasters
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Harga:RM 6.00

Exotic Cherry Blossom Glass Coasters(2pcs/set)
When spring has sprung and blossoms are in bloom, love's favorite season has arrived. These cherry blossom glass coasters are sweet, sophisticated spring favors for your wedding or bridal shower.Each Asian-influenced coaster features frosted white cherry tree branches and cherry blossoms on a clear glass background. These round cherry blossom coaster favors come in sets of two, each with protective pads to safeguard any surface from scratching. Sets arrive in brown gift boxes decorated with delicate pink cherry blossoms. Coasters measure approximately 3.75" in diameter; gift boxes measure 4"L x 4"W.
Additional Notes:
5-100RM 6.00
101-400RM 5.20
400+RM 4.30

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